Spider-Man Pin-up #15 Determined by Todd McFarlane


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This image seems to me to be an homage to Steve Ditko’s now-iconic splash page of Spidey freeing himself of the debris he’s trapped under from Amazing Spider-Man 33. It’s not only the moment itself, but the pages leading up to it – trapped under the heavy weight of it all, time running short to save Aunt May from death – Ditko’s pacing is the definition of storytelling perfection, keeping the reader thrilled and enhancing both the inner and outer strength that has since become synonymous with Spider-Man. The following listings are for comic book and/or movie fans looking to decorate their rooms/offices/lockers with low cost comics art! Maybe you love the character…maybe you love the artist, maybe you love the storyline…whatever it is, why pay $100’s or even $1000’s for originals? These make the perfect stocking stuffer and added with a picture frame, would make an excellent gift! Imagine your kids face when they come home from school and see this on their wall! From 1992…over 20 years old!

Near mint condition.