Spider-Man 26 NM 30th Anniversary Hologram Cvr Mark Bagley Art NO BARCODE Origin


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Spider-Man (1990) #26

Published Sep 1992 by Marvel.

30th Anniversary Issue. “With Great Responsibility!” Story by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, and Mark Bagley. Art by Ron Frenz, Mark Bagley, Klaus Jansen, Al Milgrom, Keith Williams, Mark Texeira, Tom Palmer, and Joe Rubinstein.

Featuring a hologram cover from the sculpture based on an all new John Romita, Sr. Drawing. This milestone issue recounts Spidey’s amazing origin from Peter Parker’s point of view, and introduces a deadly new villain into the Spider-Man mythos.

Plus, “These Great Powers!” Story by Tom DeFalco. Art by Mark Bagley and Sam DeLarosa. In this 8-page back-up tale Peter Parker explains to his wife, Mary Jane, how his Spider-Man powers work.

Near mint, 1st print. This is the coveted no barcode version of this issue. Bagged & Boarded.