Spawn The Dark Ages # 9 NM Image Brian Holguin Liam McCormack-Sharp 1st print


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Spawn The Dark Ages (1999) #9
Published Nov 1999 by Image.

(W) Brian Holguin (A) Liam McCormack-Sharp, Cover by Liam McCormack-Sharp “A Merry Round of Cheer”?In a decidedly different one-shot tale, a pair of traveling players and their rag-tag retinue serve up a command performance before the erstwhile Lord Covenant, the HellSpawn of the Dark Ages. Noted for their irreverent manner and gruesome repertoire, the company of players hopes to win a worthy boon from the mysterious wanderer. But little do they expect what it could cost them if their performance fails to please their guest.

Bottom right corner is slightly dinged. 1st print.