Spawn The Dark Ages #11 NM Image Brian Holguin Liam McCormack-Sharp 1st print


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Spawn The Dark Ages (1999) #11
Published Jan 2000 by Image.

Todd McFarlane Productions (W) Brian Holguin (A) Liam McCormack-Sharp, Cover by Simon Davis “The Ghost on the Hill”?Lord Covenant, Hellspawn of the Dark Ages, has abandoned his role as Hell’s soldier and denounced his unearthly powers. In a desperate attempt to regain his lost soul, he seeks absolution far away from the eyes of man. When a strange young girl named Maeve seeks him out, telling him that God himself has told her that Covenant is to lead an army to freedom, he acquiesces. But nothing can prepare him for the discovery of who is leading the opposing army. FC, 32pg.

Near mint condition. 1st print.