Soulfire Poster # 5 Grace Michael Turner


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Grace — A young winged female (a Rahtumi) from the kingdom of Empyrea, daughter of Aglalia. Upon the death of her aunt she seeks out the answer to why an illness is taking over her kingdom. Though she appears youthful, Grace is thousands of years old. She was born and came of age during the “last Age of Magic”, an ancient time when magic was plentiful on Earth and all manner of creatures now considered mythical (such as dragons) still existed. During the events that culminated with the Dying of the Light, Grace was a princess of the Kingdom of Empyrea; however, as a plague destroyed all things magical and the Age ended, she faded into obscurity. While most magical beings, including almost all of the Rahtumi, perished, Grace somehow survived, though losing both her wings and her access to magic. Grace resurfaces in the year 2211, her wings and abilities restored. She makes an alliance with a young orphan named Malikai. Malikai is the first new Rahtumi born in centuries, and he may be the key to reviving magic in the soulless future world dominated by technology and ruthless corporations. Grace’s life mission is to protect Malikai at all costs so that he may have a chance to fulfill his destiny by ushering in a new Age of Magic.