Soulfire Poster # 2 Grace 0 Michael Turner


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Soulfire 0 cover. Soulfire is a comic book produced by Aspen MLT that is one in a line of titles created by Michael Turner. Soulfire is centered around the idea of “magic” being gone from the world. The story follows a boy named Malikai and a rag tag team of magical beings and cyborgs . Malikai’s quest as the chosen one is to bring magic back to the hardened future of (2211 AD) and stop it from being used by evil. Grace — A winged female who plans on doing what is necessary to bring magic back to the world. Grace has lived for countless ages including during the Magic ages. During this time, Magic was used daily and it was not uncommon for winged beings to fly through the skies. Grace is of the Rahtumi race and resides in the Kingdom of Empyrea. Much of Grace’s history is still being revealed as Grace protects a boy named Malikai, who is the key to returning Magic to the world.

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