Savage Dragon Poster # 4 by Erik Larsen


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Savage Dragon is a green-skinned superhero/alien/police officer who boasts bullet-resistant skin, regenerative powers, immunity to fire and immense strength. He was first discovered on earth in a burning field. Savage Dragon was actually Emperor Kurr, the leader of a nomadic race of aliens who were looking for a new planet to inhabit. They had searched space in their starship for thousands of years, until finally Earth was discovered. Kurr saw the planet and its inhabitants, and decided to go against his races peaceful ways and eradicate the humans. He had no desire to share his new home with another race. Two of the emperor’s scientists, Rech and Weiko, discovered Kurr’s plan and conspired against him. The scientists caused brain damage which erased Kurr’s memories These erased memories were replaced with several days worth of Earth’s satellite television programming, making him up to date on current events, but completely unaware of who or what he was. Kurr was left to live on Earth as his race continued their search for a new home.

Near mint condition.