Red Sonja Promo Poster # 2 (Issue # 1) Jenny Frison Art Dynamite Comics Movie Co


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Following directly from the pages of Red Sonja #0, the She-Devil finds herself on the run, framed for murder, and with an unseen force tugging at the back of her mind. Join Sonja as she races to unravel the mystery of ‘His Master’s Voice!’. This brand-new series dives deep into Sonja’s world, exploring the darkness of Hyboria like never before.

Jenny Frison is a comic book cover artist. Her interest in comics began with a Wonder Woman storybook she enjoyed as a young girl. She majored in illustration at Northern Illinois University before attending The Kubert School of Art. During school, she decided she wanted to focus on cover art and quit before her third year to teach herself. She met writer Tim Seeley, who asked her to draw a cover for Hack/Slash after he looked at her website. The two became friends, and they now share a work space at Four Star Studios in Chicago, Illinois.

Red Sonja is an upcoming film directed by M. J. Bassett and written by Tasha Huo. It is based on the Dynamite Entertainment comic books of the same name. Starring Matilda Lutz as the title character, the film stars Wallis Day, Robert Sheehan, Michael Bisping, Martyn Ford, Eliza Matengu, Rhona Mitra, and Veronica Ferres.

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