Punisher Poster #40 vs Dark Wolverine Dark Reign by John Romita Jr


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Akihiro, codenamed Daken, is the mutant son of Wolverine and his deceased wife Itsu. He possesses superhuman abilities similar to his father (e.g., healing factor, retractable claws), and was a member of the Dark Avengers under the name Wolverine until the conclusion of the 2010 storyline, “Siege”. Like Wolverine, Daken’s primary mutant power is an accelerated healing factor that allows him to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissue much faster and more extensively than a normal human is capable of. Daken’s healing factor is advanced enough to allow him to fully heal from multiple gunshot wounds, punctures, slashes and broken bones within a matter of minutes. Daken’s healing factor also grants him an extended lifespan by dramatically slowing his natural aging process. Although he is over 60 years old, he has the appearance of a man in his physical prime. However, Daken’s accelerated healing powers aren’t as powerful as those possessed by his father. In spite of his advanced healing, it is possible for Daken to die. Like most other beings, human or superhuman, Daken requires Oxygen and can die if kept within a vacuum and can drown if held under water long enough. Daken’s senses, particularly sight, smell, and hearing are all heightened to some degree of superhuman accuracy. He can see much further and with greater clarity than a normal human, even retaining much of this clarity in near total darkness. Daken’s hearing is similarly enhanced, enabling him to detect sounds normal humans’ cannot and sounds they ordinarily could but at much greater distances. Daken’s sense of smell is able to recognize people and objects by scent, even if they are well hidden. He can track a target by scent, even if the scent has been greatly eroded by time and weather factors, with an extraordinary degree of success. Daken also had three retractable bone claws housed within each forearm, though their configuration and appearance is somewhat different from those of Wolverine. Two claws extend between his knuckles, while a third one extends from the underside of his wrist.

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