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Puddin’: Luscious and Unforgettable Puddings, Parfaits, Pudding Cakes, Pies, and Pops Hardcover
by Clio Goodman (Author), Adeena Sussman (Author)

The classic American treat finally gets its due: foolproof pudding recipes, from irresistible standards to inventive modern twists, by the chef and owner of New York City’s popular pudding destination.

Puddin’ shares Clio Goodman’s secrets for re-creating—and improving on—your sweetest childhood memories. From grown-up renditions of snack-time favorites like Butterscotch Pudding (spiked with whiskey) to party-ready showstoppers like Banana Upside-Down Cake with Malted Pudding and summertime crowd-pleasers like Peanut Butter Fudge Pops and Peach Melba Parfaits, Puddin’ serves up luscious and decadent recipes for your every dessert whim. Along the way, Clio offers suggestions for adapting her pudding recipes—all of which are naturally gluten-free—for vegan and low-fat variations. And because creamy pudding just begs for a companion, Puddin’ also includes recipes for homemade toppings, such as Salted Caramel Sauce, Marshmallow Crème, and Brownie Crumbs, that can be mixed and matched with the puddings of your choice or incorporated into one of Clio’s signature parfaits.

These surprisingly easy-to-execute pudding creations are destined to become staples of your dessert repertoire. Puddin’ is a celebration of an American classic.

Publisher Spiegel & Grau; First Edition (2013)
Hardcover 160 pages
ISBN-13 978-0812994193
Weight 1.15 pounds
Dimensions 7.5 x 0.75 x 8.5 inches

I wondered if buying this cookbook was a mistake before I ordered it since I was happy with boxed pudding mixes. Then, I made the butterscotch pudding. It was a revelation! It was so creamy, so rich and had so much flavor. I have been ruined forever and now must hand make pudding since I refuse to eat the “cardboard” pudding anymore. I am even looking for something to serve the pudding in because this pudding deserves more than tea cups. Heaven in a glass!

Just a note, I bought this cookbook since it had pudding cake recipes. It turns out that these are actual cakes that have pudding in between the layers – not the type of dessert where the layers separate while baking providing pudding-like goodness on the bottom and cake on the top.


Book is like new. First edition.