Popbot Poster # 2 I, Popbot by Ashley Wood


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Popbot is the name of an award-winning prestige format comic book written and illustrated by Australian, Ashley Wood.

In September 2006 Ashley Wood announced in his blog that a Popbot movie had been announced. Resolution Independent have acquired the rights to make a Popbot movie, Wood’s company 7174 will be providing the art direction with Wood having a close involvement.

Popbot is an award winning series of graphic novels by Ashley Wood and TP Louise, Popbot tells the story of a misfit group of punk rockers that find themselves in the rather surprising position of having to save humanity from a legion of homicidal robots. This unlikely quest takes our anarchists to the far reaches of the galaxy and to the very edge of sanity as they discover that’s there’s more to saving the planet than releasing a few “protest” tracks.

The story focuses on Kitty (he actually is a cat), a former punk rock star, and his robotic bodyguard/roadie, Popbot. They are currently on the run from a host of enemies, who are mainly enraged by Kitty’s fetish for rubbing up against under aged girls. These include other robots and possibly the son of the devil.

The setting for this story is just as bizarre as the plot. Europe is a wasteland, the TV features Andy Warhol clone number 18, Japan has an army of samurai Elvis clones, and Sherlock Holmes has traveled to the present to escape from Moriarty.

Ashley Wood (born 1971) is Australian comic book artist and award-winning illustrator known for his cover art, concept design and his work as an art director. Wood initially worked in both the UK and international comic book industries, working on characters such as the British character Judge Dredd, before breaking into the US market, where he worked for such companies as Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Wood later worked for Image, creating graphic novels and cover art for the various Spawn properties of Todd McFarlane, and projects with IDW Publishing. Wood generally works in mixed media, often combining oil painting with digital artmaking.

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