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Piel de Otono [DVD]
Director: Lili Garza, Mauricio Rodrguez
Actors: Sergio Goyri, Laura Flores

Lucia is the beleaguered wife of a materialistic, cruel businessman and two spoiled, disrespectful teenagers. Her only consolation is her correspondence with a mysterious Argentinian she?s met on the internet, a man she?s never seen, who signs his name “Viento”. Lucia?s friend Triana discovers that she has inherited a fortune in her native Spain, but also that she won?t live to enjoy it. Triana wills her fortune to Lucia, giving her a new opportunity for happiness.

Language- Spanish
Number of discs- 3
Run time- 12 hours 41 mins

I really like this soap. laura flores is so beautiful.

Laura was raised an orphan. she married young and very much wanted a family. she has everything on the surface – a wealthy husband and two lovely kids entering young adulthood. however, her husband is cold and a perfectionist, always criticizing her and cheating with other women. he and her kids take her for granted and are insensitive to her feelings. she feels sad and lonely.

She gets emotional support from an older friend, who dies and leaves her a lot of money. she also finds a letter among her friends belongings with an email address and begins corresponding with a mysterioius man who she falls in love with. she corresponds under the name “otono” meaning autumn. she doesn’t know his real name either.

Her daughter is keeping a secret from her, but laura discovers that during the year that her daughter was in spain, she had a baby and left it with an orphanage. (i’m not giving anything away here, as viewers find out about her daughter’s pregnancy in spain at the beginning of the soap.)

When she discovers her husband kissing a co-worker (played by sabine moussier, whose character wants to get him to divorce laura and marry her so she can have his money), laura runs off to spain to find her grandaughter, see the country her friend was from, and meets close friends of her dead friend. through them, she meets a handsome and wealthy painter, who (unknown to her or him) is the man she fell in love with over the internet. they fall in love in spain.

Meanwhile, her husband and kids are finding out how much they needed her. however, urged by his lover and his ego, her husband burns her letters and divorces her in mexico.

She discovers that her painter is the man internet man, but goes back to mexico to face her kids. while there, they beg her to give their father and family another chance. since it’s a soap, she moves back into the house but doesn’t resume the romantic relationship with her ex-husband in order to make her children happy.

She is willing to sacrifice her future relationship with the painter for her children to try to play happy family for her kids. however, sabine, her husband’s lover, is still working to become her ex-husband’s new wife.


DVD and Case included. DVD is scratch free.