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Peter Parker Spider-Man (1999) #20

Published Aug 2000 by Marvel.

cover by mark buckingham. paul jenkins/mark buckingham/dan green. Marvel’s top hero gets a top creative team: new penciler Mark Buckingham (Batman, Titans) and new writer Paul Jenkins (INCREDIBLE HULK, INHUMANS)! ? THE STORY: At his lowest ebb, Spider-Man has finally accepted the reality of his wife’s death. He’s been consoled by his friends and family, but there’s still one person he must make peace with?his long gone Uncle Ben. This is a story that cuts to the heart of the character as Peter Parker flashes back to the happiest times of his checkered life, revealing never-before-seen moments in one of comicdom’s most cherished characters. Be there for a bittersweet and humorously optimitstic tale which catches our star-crossed hero at a crossroads?and acts as a superb beginning for the new team of Jenkins and Buckingham! THE WRITER SPEAKS: Will we be seeing much of Peter’s supporting cast in his tales? Says Jenkins: “They’re extremely important. I always remember all the cool old Stan Lee/Steve Ditko or the Lee/John Romita stories in which Peter constantly had to juggle his school work and his girlfriends and go off to battle the bad guy and somehow make it home in time for dinner. This always seemed so important because his supporting cast were so interesting. We cared about whether or not he’d end up with Gwen or Mary Jane. Or whether or not he’d break Flash’s nose without letting on that he had super strength. Because they lived and breathed as much as he did.” What will Jenkins stress in his Spidey stories? “To me, it’s all about character, character, character,” he stated. “There are certain elements that should always be in a Spidey comic: action, humor, fisticuffs, bad guys with outrageous costumes, crazy futuristic weaponry, boatloads of gorgeous women… and Aunt May’s meat loaf. So, never fear, those elements will be in the book. But if anyone has ever read my stuff they’ll know I feel it’s very important to take time to understand the characters.” And speaking of characters, what does he think of our main man? “Spider-Man is so full of potential,” stated Jenkins. “He’s such a tragic figure because he’s striving to rectify a mistake he once made namely the death of his Uncle Ben but there’s no way he can make up for it. The only way would be to somehow bring Uncle Ben back to life, and that can’t happen. But this poor guy, he’s going to keep trying no matter what… and while he’s at it, he’ll take the occasional moment to thumb his nose at all the obstacles placed in his way. What a great character”.

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