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No Honor (2001) #1B

Published Feb 2001 by Top Cow
Dave Finch Cover
(W) Fiona Avery
(P) Clayton Crain
Full color, 32 pages

View the world through the eyes of a world-class art thief. Witness the theft of an antique katana and the rebirth of an ancient Samurai soul in the body of a thief without honor. Fall in love with someone you could never possibly know, hunt while being hunted, and taste the world again for the first time in 1300 years. NO HONOR is Fiona Avery’s four-issue tale of one thief who finally runs out of luck and runs into Tannen Yojimbo, the spirit of a Samurai who will change his world forever.

The comic opens in 2053 in Osaka, Japan, where our protagonist Ken is living on the streets. The population of Japan has fallen to under 100 million and its economy has tanked. Ken witnesses a yakuza shipment of stolen goods get hit and steals a leather case from it in the confusion, inside he finds an ancient Japanese sword. When he touches the sword he is possessed by the spirit of its former owner, Oshikuru “the demon of Nara”.

Clayton Crain is an American comic book artist known for his digital painted work on Marvel Comics books such as Ghost Rider, X-Force, and Carnage, and also on the Valiant Comics series Rai. Crain is also known for his work with Todd McFarlane, covers for DC, and his unique sketch cover acrylic paintings.

Near mint, 1st print. Bagged & Boarded.