New York Public Library Desk Reference 2nd Edition HC Prentice-Hall 1993


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The New York Public Library Desk Reference Hardcover
by The New York Public Library (Author)

National bestseller! The complete resource for quick answers to all your questions. Hundreds of illustrations, table, charts and graphs. A veritable research gold mine. One of the most unusual – not to mention useful – reference books.

It’s a did you know volume that answers just about every question ever asked – from the trivial to the relevant.
What is the correct first-aid for a snake bite?
What was the first of the original 13 states?
Who is tenth in line for presidentail succesion?
What is Hong Kong’s population?
What is taoism?
What can a hybrid computer do?
What film won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1962?
What is German for thank you?
What information is appropriate to include in a resume?
How is a living will created?
What is Michigan’s state bird?
Where can you write for consumer information?
What are the visa requirement for a trip to the commonwealth of independent state?
What is transcendentalism?
What is Article xx of the United States Constitution?
For which book did Anne Tyler Garner win the Pulizer Prize?
What ingredients can be substituted for baking powder?
How is backgammon played?

Where do you turn for the answers to these and thousands of other questions?

Publisher Prentice-Hall
Hardcover- 930 pages
ISBN-10 0671850148
Weight- 4.3 pounds
Dimensions 2.25 x 7.75 x 10″

Google be damned, this book – full of all sorts of helpful &/or fascinating charts, lists, graphs, signs, symbols, useful addresses! cloud nomenclature!! – is delicious. I’m on the net as much as anyone, probably more than many, but you’ll have to pry my paper books out of my clutching dead hands.

The New York Public Library Desk Reference by the New York Public Library is the most information packed book I have ever read. With many weird and wacky facts, this book is probably one of the best for general information. It is meant to be used to look up facts at leisure, but one can use it in any way one wants. Although some sections of the book are mildly boring, this is definitely the best nonfiction book I’ve ever read.

With many, many chapters full of interesting stuff, The New York Public Library Desk Reference provides general information on almost every subject. Don’t expect too complicated information, though, because this book provides just the basics. One should go to other sources if one wants to learn more about a specific subject.

This is my most favorite nonfiction book because I can flip through it at leisure and find any information I want. The New York Public Library Desk Reference contains tons of different information, from the best chemical to use if a dog pees on the rug to signs one should signal to a helicopter if one is stuck in the wilderness. It also contains great sources one can go to for more information. The only downside of it is that it doesn’t contain more than the basic information, but one can use the internet or other books to get that. My conclusion is that this is the best nonfiction for general information, and one should always have a copy somewhere for general use.


Two stickers on dust jacket. Otherwise the book is like new.