New X-Men #2 Academy X NM Nunzio DeFilippis Christina Weir Randy Green


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New X-Men (2004-2008) #2

Published Aug 2004 by Marvel.

Written by NUNZIO DeFILIPPIS & CHRISTINA WEIR Pencils & Cover by RANDY GREEN. “CHOOSING SIDES” pt. 2 (of 6). As a new semester begins at the Xavier Institute, the X-Men of tomorrow are just getting comfortable with one another as the devastating news hits: The teachers plan on separating them into different squads! What happens when best friends are torn from one another in the name of school policy? And what do the New X-Men do about it? 32 PGS. UPC: 5960605544-00211.

Near mint, 1st print. Bag&Board, Been sitting boxed for 20 years, one owner!