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Creators: Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS / Penciled by LEINIL YU & ALEX MALEEV / Cover by LEINIL YU.

The super-hero Civil War may be over, but the New Avengers haven’t given up the fight. Refusing to register with the federal government, rebel Avengers Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Dr. Strange and Iron Fist start a new life as underground outlaw heroes – but will Iron Man’s government-backed “Mighty Avengers” hunt them down before they can make a difference? And when long-lost Avengers member Maya Lopez faces doom in Japan, who will take up the mantle of Ronin to save her? All this plus the resurrection of Hawkeye, the return of the Scarlet Witch and the strangest guest star of all: Brother Voodoo!

Collecting NEW AVENGERS #26-31
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Marvel

Gathering issues #26-31, this volume is a postscript to Marvel’s “Civil War” plotline, with the rebel remnants of the Avengers carrying on after Captain America has been killed… Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Doctor Strange and a handful of others are on the run, with Iron Man and his government-backed posse hot on their heels. Alex Maleev does a fine one-shot episode with Hawkeye and the Scarlet Witch, the rest of the book is illustrated by Leinil Yu, whose composition supports the story.

The real fun comes in the story, with Brian Michael Bendis finally back in the zone. We get a lot of Luke Cage, which is what I’ve been waiting for the whole time, and Spidey is still fun in a group setting. Although Jessica Jones gets a lot of time onscreen, much more could be done with her character. These are just quibbles though — this was an enjoyable volume, and the series seems to be gaining momentum. The ending — key to the upcoming Skrull-related “Secret Invasion” story arc — actually comes as a real zinger. Let’s hope Bendis can keep the quality up in future volumes!

After a few sub-par volumes of the series, Brian Michael Bendis puts the New Avengers back on top with Revolution. Picking up after the tragic events of Civil War and the death of Captain America, Luke Cage re-assembles the New Avengers: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Ronin, and new members Iron Fist and Doctor Strange. The book begins with Hawkeye, back from the dead, seeking help from Strange and searching for the Scarlet Witch. Later on, the Avengers run afoul of Iron Man and his team of Mighty Avengers as they embark on a trip to save Maya Lopez from the clutches of Elektra and the Hand, which leads to a big shocker that will have you begging for more. Bendis’ writing is back at the level it was when he originally launched the book, as he presents the most compelling New Avengers story since he took the reigns of the title. The artwork from Leinil Yu (who provides a majority of the pencils with Bendis’ old Daredevil partner Alex Maleev providing some guest work) is more than solid as well, which only makes Revolution all the sweeter. All in all, Revolution puts Bendis and the New Avengers back in the saddle of being Marvel’s top super hero team, and with things about to come to a head in the post-Civil War Marvel universe, it should be interesting to see where things go from here.

Collects New Avengers 26-31. Near mint, 1st print.