New Avengers Poster # 1 Stuart Immonen Spider-Man Wolverine Thing FULL SIZED


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Thing, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Luke Cage! With the Registration Act having been revoked in the aftermath of the Siege of Asgard led by Osborn (who is incarcerated for his actions), Steve Rogers (the original Captain America, returned from his alleged death) reassembles the Avengers. Steve convinces a reluctant Luke Cage to be part of the new lineup after Tony Stark sells the reconstructed Avengers Mansion to Cage for a dollar, and Steve gives Cage carte blanche to maintain the New Avengers team, leading it as he sees fit. Given the freedom to recruit almost anyone he wants for the New Avengers team (except Iron Man or Thor), Cage selects Clint Barton (who has re-assumed the Hawkeye identity), Iron Fist, Jewel (Cage’s wife Jessica Jones), Ms. Marvel, Mockingbird, Spider-Man, the Thing (who maintains concurrent membership in the Fantastic Four) and Wolverine. Rogers also sends him Victoria Hand on the grounds that she can provide the team with a unique insight from which Rogers feels they will benefit. Stuart Immonen is a Canadian comic book artist. He is best known for his work on Nextwave, Ultimate X-Men, The New Avengers (comics) and Ultimate Spider-Man. Full sized Marvel poster, still in original sleeve.

Ships rolled in a poster box.