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When Jack Butler (Michael Keaton) loses his job at an auto factory, he expects to quickly find another. But instead, his wife Caroline (Teri Garr) starts working for an ad agency and Jack ends up taking care of the house and kids. He soon runs afoul of shopping etiquette, a voracious vacuum cleaner, and he can’t even drop his kids off at school properly. He starts losing his pride and letting himself go. He stops shaving, drinks at all hours, and watches soap operas. And not only does a predatory divorcĂ©e (Ann Jillian) have her eye on him, Caroline’s new boss (Martin Mull) has more than business on his mind. Will their marriage survive? What makes Mr. Mom work isn’t its role-reversal premise, but its clever off-the-main-plot scenes like the obstacle course at the company picnic, where a footrace with swim fins is set to a variation on the theme to Chariots of Fire; a poker game using discount coupons for money; or a traumatic, soap-opera-influenced dream Jack has when he realizes his life is going down the toilet. This is the first starring role for Michael Keaton, who went on to star in Beetlejuice and Batman; he makes the most of both its comic and sentimental side. The script, incidentally, is written by John Hughes, who later went on to write and direct The Breakfast Club and Home Alone. I remember seeing “Mr. Mom” in the movie theaters twenty years ago. It was a cute, harmless comedy. Whenever I think of Michael Keaton, I think of this movie. Michael Keaton stars as Jack Butler who falls victim to layoffs at the company he works for. His wife Caroline played by Terri Garr makes a bet with him over who gets a job first. Caroline manages to get a job at an advertising agency headed by Ron Richardson (Martin Mull). The only drawback is that Caroline hasn’t worked in awhile so she is like a fish out of water at the company until she comes up with a snazzy ad campaign for tuna fish. In the meantime, Jack has to take over the role of housewife and learn to clean the house, take care of the children, fix dinner, do laundry, and go grocery shopping. It takes Jack awhile to adapt to the role of Mr. Mom but he has the help of Caroline’s friends. The results is hilarious especially when Jack goes to the grocery store and loses one of his children. Another favorite moments is when the women and Jack are playing poker with grocery coupons or when they end up going to a Chippendale’s nightclub. “Mr. Mom” is good, clean fun. Nothing offensive so it is perfect for children to watch. I still enjoy watching it after all these years.