National Geographic: Whales in Crisis DVD w/ Crittercam


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National Geographic – Whales in Crisis
Format: DVD

Director: Bruce Norfleet
Writer: Eleanor Grant
Stars: Michael Carroll, Ken Balcomb, Laura Engleby

Few creatures are as mysterious and captivating as the whale. Embark on a globe-spanning journey with National Geographic to discover the most recent findings about these majestic, highly intelligent creatures. After hunting whales for generations, we have brought their widespread slaughter to an end, but these graceful giants still face threats on a number of fronts and the battle to save them goes on. It’s a gripping, sometimes emotional voyage to the front lines of research as a new breed of champions’ battles to understand and preserve these spectacular giants of the sea.

Few creatures connect with us so emotionally and spiritually. This film takes an intimate look at four types of whales: pilots, humpbacks, bowheads and orcas, through the eyes of the humans who are closest to them. From the struggle to save a pod of pilot whales in the Florida Keys to the groundbreaking work of a scientist risking life and limb in the Arctic to the controversy over military sonar, you’ll go to the front lines of whale conservation.

Bonus: National Geographic’s Crittercam: Pilot Whales.

National Geographic follows a group of volunteers who are trying to help a pod of beached pilot whales. It also investigates whether there is a link between whale beaching and the use of sonar by the Navy.

Run Time: 56 minutes


DVD looks lightly used, no scratches. Includes case and insert. Includes NatGeo’s Crittercam: Pilot Whales as a special feature.