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Mr. Majestic TP

by Joe Casey, Brian Holguin (Goodreads Author), Alan Moore, Ed McGuinness (Illustrator), Carlos D’Anda (Illustrator)

This series stars the most powerful hero in the Wildstorm Universe: that bicep-flexin’, cape-wearin’ do-gooder—Mr. Majestic! But let’s make this clear: this is not just another Superman knock-off, no sir! Mr. Majestic is flat-out fun! Thrill as our hero faces reality-bending threats from the past—including Viking invaders, Mongol warriors, and Liberace! Empathize as he tries to catch a movie with the bionic—and often testy—Ladytron! Wonder at his ability to resist the super-sexy Ultravixens from outer space! Mr. Majestic holds no bars to being the epitome of super-hero-hood.

Collects Mr. Majestic, first 6 issues of the ongoing cancelled at #9, by co-writers: Joe Casey and Brian Holguin, with pencils by Ed McGuiness and inks by Jason Martini, 1997 and “Majestic: The Big Chill” from Wildstorm Spotlight #1, written by Alan Moore with pencils by Carlos D’Anda.

Paperback, 176 pages

I never hide my disdain for Image or Image-related comics, but I have to admit: over the past 6 or so years, some talented writers have been working wonders with their titles. Alan Moore with Supreme and WildCATS, Warren Ellis with Stormwatch, and this gem from Joe Casey and Ed McGuinness (with help from Brian Holguin and Jason Martin). This team has done a wonderful service for Wildstorm Studios’ Mr. Majestic, turning yet another generic clown with a cape into a wonderful study of superhero archetypes.

This is some intelligent writing, and quite fun. Certainly not as meticulous as Alan Moore’s run on Supreme, but Casey is going for something else here: namely, the over-the-top heroics of the classic Silver Age Superman. Nothing makes this more apparent than the first (and best) story, in which Mr. Majestic has to hide the solar system from an interstellar evil. The 5 stories that follow include his regaining and losing his son, preparations for the Y2K bug, an oversexed version of the LOSH, and a night on the town with Ladytron. These stories present Majestic as a very powerful hero, but the stories are imbued with a sense of humor. The final story, by Alan Moore and Carlos D’Anda, is quite dark in tone, as it details the final days of Mr. Majestic at the end of the universe.

Collects Mr. Majestic 1-6. Near mint, 1st print.