Mindwarp Pin-up # 1 MATTED Crawler after Bloodfeast Fangoria Films


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This is a small pin-up with a white mat 10×8 frame. Very lightweight, pretty small…priced accordingly.

Mindwarp (released as Brain Slasher outside the United States) is a 1992 post-apocalyptic science fiction-horror film starring Bruce Campbell, Angus Scrimm, Marta Martin (credited as “Marta Alicia”), Elizabeth Kent, and Wendy Sandow. The film is notable as one of three produced by Fangoria’s short-lived Fangoria Films label.

The story takes place in the year 2037, after the loss of the ozone layer has left most of the planet a desolate wasteland scattered with highly radioactive “Death Zones”, except for several areas that still flourish.

Much of the human population has been reduced to Crawlers, mutated cannibalistic underground dwellers who have lost their intelligence and speak only in grunts and mine garbage dumps. Outworlders are un-mutated humans who live in the Death Zones. A few humans are Dreamers, who live in Inworld, a sealed biosphere maintained by the central Infinisynth computer. They spend all their time plugged in via implants in their necks, living through virtual reality fantasies.

THE TWO FRAMED PHOTOS ARE NOT INCLUDED! Those photos are shown only to give you an idea of what your matted pin-up would look like with one of my in-stock frames. Contact me for price. They make a wonderful gift!

Pin-up will be glued to mat. Frame available, please inquire.