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Metal Gear Solid # 1 (1st printing)

Ashley Wood, Kris Oprisko.

When genetically-enhanced terrorists threaten the United States with nuclear annihilation, Solid Snake, the world’s foremost expert in infiltration and espionage, is sent in to preserve the peace. Written by Kris Oprisko with brilliant artwork by Ashley Wood, this special comic is based on Konami’s extremely popular videogames.

The dialogue in the comics is largely taken straight from the respective games, though there are some minor changes.

In September 2004, IDW began publishing the first series of Metal Gear Solid comics, written by Kris Oprisko and illustrated by Ashley Wood.

The majority of the dialogue from Metal Gear Solid remains unchanged, but some conversations have been left out, such as Kenneth Baker telling Solid Snake to look on the back of the CD case to find out Meryl Silverburgh’s Codec frequency, and some extra scenes have been added, such as the scene where Psycho Mantis tries to take over Gray Fox’s mind. All of the characters from the game appear with the exception of Nastasha Romanenko.

Several copies of Metal Gear Solid #1 can be seen in the office of the Groznyj Grad prison in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Similarly, they could also be found in Dr. Emmerich’s lab in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, a remake of Metal Gear Solid.

With 14 million fans around the world, Metal Gear Solid is one of the most popular video games ever!

Sony Pictures’ adaptation of the Metal Gear Solid video game franchise has reportedly tapped Oscar Isaac to play protagonist Solid Snake.

Sources for Deadline state Isaac is currently attached to play Solid Snake in director Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Metal Gear Solid.

Isaacs fan-casted himself in the role of Solid Snake in a Metal Gear Solid movie back in March 2019. “Metal Gear Solid, that’s the one,” Isaac in an interview while promoting Netflix’s Triple Frontier. “I’m throwing my hat in for that one.” Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima also lobbied to have The Old Guard star Luca Marinelli play Solid Snake, stating he’d be a “spitting image” of the character.

Introduced in 1987’s Metal Gear, Solid Snake is a covert operative and former Green Beret who learns he is the clone of the villainous Big Boss, who plots to use the eponymous mech warriors to assert global supremacy in a show of force. The franchise would be revived for the original PlayStation in 1998’s Metal Gear Solid, and Kojima would remain at the helm before parting ways with the developer Konami during the production of 2015’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

At the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary on August 30, 2012, Hideo Kojima announced that Arad Productions, owned by Arad brothers Avi and Ari, have agreed to produce a movie version of Metal Gear Solid with Columbia Pictures. Columbia’s parent company, Sony Pictures Entertainment, will be in charge of distribution. On June 3, 2014, Deadline Hollywood reported that Sony was in talks with Jordan Vogt-Roberts to direct the film. On March 30, 2015, Sony Pictures announced that Jay Basu would write the screenplay. In February 2017, Vogt-Roberts said the filmmakers are working on the film’s script with Kojima and making it either an R or PG-13 rating. In November 2017, Derek Connolly was hired to rewrite the script. In July 2018, Vogt-Roberts announced that the first draft of the film’s screenplay had been completed. In August 2018, Vogt-Roberts stated that he wished for the film to receive an R rating, stating, “It’s about doing it for a price so you can make the riskier, balls-to-the-wall, Kojima-san version of it. …To me, it’s a way to make the first great video game movie where it doesn’t matter that it’s based on a video game”. In December 2019, Vogt-Roberts announced that another draft had been completed. In December 2020, it was announced that Oscar Isaac had been officially cast as Solid Snake; Isaac had previously expressed interest in the role.

Oscar Isaac Gives an Update on Metal Gear Solid Movie: ‘We’re Searching Like Solid Snake’
The Solid Snake actor tells IGN how the Metal Gear Solid: The Movie is coming along.

Oscar Isaac has given an update on the live-action Metal Gear Solid movie where he’s set to star as Solid Snake.

During the red carpet premiere for the upcoming Disney Plus Marvel series, Moon Knight, IGN asked Isaac if there was any movement on the Metal Gear Solid movie. The Metal Gear Solid movie was announced back in 2020 but has not been heard of since.

“We’re searching, we’re searching like Solid Snake,” Isaac said. “We’re climbing through air ducts, we’re looking for the story.”

Oscar Isaac, Solid Snake himself, told IGN “We’re climbing through air ducts, we’re looking for the story [of the Metal Gear Solid movie].”

Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been attached to direct a Metal Gear Solid movie since as far back as 2015. Vogt-Roberts and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima are close friends, with Vogt-Roberts having appeared in Kojima’s Death Stranding in a cameo. Getting a “Kojima-san version” of the movie is one of Vogt-Roberts’ biggest priorities.

In 2018, during another IGN interview, Oscar Isaac confirmed his interest to play Solid Snake. “Metal Gear Solid, that’s the one… I’m throwing my hat in for that one,” Isaac told IGN while promoting the Netflix film Triple Frontier.

Following the interview, Vogt-Roberts revealed Oscar Isaac was his preferred casting for Solid Snake as well and shared a photoshop of Isaac as the character created by artist BossLogic.


To everyone asking how I feel about Oscar Isaac saying he wants to be Solid Snake.

The full process required to cast an icon hasn’t even started, but..

Ask Bosslogic where the idea for his brilliant mock up came from.

The ball’s in Oscar’s court.

The dream was finally real in 2020 when Isaac was cast as Snake in the Metal Gear Solid movie, but it still appears a ways away. With Isaac telling IGN that the Metal Gear Solid team is still looking for a story, the film still sounds like it’s in development.

There hasn’t been a new Metal Gear Solid game since Kojima left Konami in 2015. Since then, Kojima has started a new video game studio, Kojima Productions, and released their first game Death Stranding.

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