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Frankenstein (also known by its promotional title, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein) is a 1994 American horror film directed by Kenneth Branagh. The film starred Robert De Niro and Branagh. It is considered to be the most faithful film adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. The film opens with a few words by Mary Shelley: “I busied myself to think of a story which would speak to the mysterious fears of our nature and awaken thrilling horror; one to make the reader dread to look around, to curdle the blood, and quicken the beatings of the heart.” Victor comes to believe that the only way to cheat death is to create life. Professor Waldman warns Victor not to follow through with his theory; he tested it once, but ended his experiments because they resulted in an “abomination.” Victor spends months working on creating a living, breathing creature, giving it dead body parts from various sources, including the body of the murderer, Waldman’s own brain, a new leg in place of the missing one and a new eye to replace the damaged one. He is so obsessed with his work that not even a cholera outbreak tears him from it. Late one night, Victor finally gives his creation life, but he recoils from it in horror and renounces his experiments. That night, the creature (Robert De Niro) escapes, running off to the wilderness. He spends months hiding in the woods, living in an unwitting family’s barn. As time progresses, the creature learns to read and speak, and even tries to win the family’s love, but his efforts are in vain. Through a journal that the creature finds in the coat that he fled with, he learns of the circumstances of his creation and that Victor Frankenstein is responsible. He then burns down the family’s abandoned cottage and heads to Geneva, vowing revenge on his creator.

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