Marvel Comics Monsters Poster #25 Vandoom Grottu Eric Powell Thing Beast


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Features The Incredible Hulk, The Thing, Giant Man, and The Beast, all standing to do battle against 6 of the most FAMOUS Jack Kirby BIG FOOT ERA pre Hero Monsters! The fight is a brutal one as the Hulk and the Thing take on the likes of Taboo, Grottu, Vandoom, Gargantus, Rommbu and Grogg, but even their massive strength is not enough to prevent the destruction of the city. Fortunately, Giant-Man of the Avengers and the X-Men’s Beast arrive to lend a hand. Giant Man single-handedly takes down Gargantus, but it is the Hulk who delivers the final knock-out when he body flips Rommbu onto the ever-growing pile of unconscious critters. Now, the only problem is what to do with them all.

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