Marvel Comics Monsters Poster #19 It! The Living Colossus vs U.S. Navy by Jack Kirby


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It! The Living Colossus (Robert “Bob” O’Bryan) is a fictional character in comic-book published by Marvel Comics. Initially a statue animated by a hostile extraterrestrial, he first appeared in the science-fiction anthology series Tales of Suspense #14 (Feb. 1961), in a story drawn by Jack Kirby (writer unknown). It! The Living Colossus was an immense, 100-foot-tall stone humanoid statue constructed by Moscow sculptor Boris Petrovski to protest against the oppressive nature of the Soviet government. It became animated initially by the mind transferral of an alien Kigor and rampaged briefly through Moscow after being attacked by the military. When the rescue party arrived, the Kigor abandoned the Colossus and returned to its home-world, leaving It inanimate.4 The statue was later transported to Los Angeles, California and reanimated by the Kigors, who used it to attack the U.S. Army. Bob O’Bryan becomes It through mind transferral into an animated stone statue, its composition altered by the alien Kigors. It has tremendous superhuman strength, as well as superhuman stamina and durability, and the ability to manipulate gravitons for flight. As a statue, It could survive underwater without air. However, It has a vulnerability to nerve gas or knockout gas, forcing the command intelligence back into its original body. There is also an unrevealed time limit for the command intelligence to remain in the statue.

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