Martin Luther King Jr Life of Civil Rights Leader TP Gary Jeffrey Chris Forsey Graphic Biographies


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Martin Luther King Jr.: The Life of a Civil Rights Leader (Graphic Biographies (Rosen)) Paperback
by Gary Jeffrey (Author), Chris Forsey (Illustrator)

Readers will witness the incendiary times that catapulted King to legendary fame during America s civil rights movement. His story is told with a sensitive approach to the violence and racism of the period.

Series: Graphic Biographies (Rosen)
Paperback: 48 pages
Publisher: Rosen

A biography telling the life story of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his leadership in the civil rights movement to stop racism, segregation, and discrimination in the United States. Written in graphic-novel format.

The upheaval and unrest of the civil rights era paved the way for great leaders. Martin Luther King Jr. emerged as one of the most important voices in American history, leading the fight for equality and justice for the black community. Readers learn how a boy who attended segregated schools in Atlanta rose to become a prominent national figure who lead protest marches, met with presidents, won a Nobel Peace Prize, and inspired a nation. They will discover how Dr. King rallied thousands to the cause of equality, and, in doing so, became a household name, and a treasured national icon.

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