Mad Super Special #56 Fall 1986 Alfred E Neuman Cover


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Mad Super Special #56 Fall 1986 Alfred E Neuman Cover
Published Sep 1986 by EC

Fall 1986. Does NOT Include Bonus Posters. Cover by Richard Williams.

Stories and art by Don Martin, Al Jaffee, Stan Hart, Larry Siegel, Don (Duck) Edwing, Lou Silverstone, Alen Robin, Dick DeBartolo, Bob Clarke, Paul Peter Porges, Frank Jacobs, Arnie Kogen, Jack Rickard, Harry North, Esq., Paul Coker, Jr., Mort Drucker, John Ficarra, Chris Hart, George Hart, Henry Clark, Angelo Torres, George Woodbridge, Antonio Prohias, Dennis Snee, Dave Berg, Irving Schild, Norman Mingo and Sergio Aragones.

The Mad Super Special reprinted movie spoofs and classic material from the magazine, often accompanied by original stories and attached bonuses in the form of posters, stickers, recordings and comics.

Parodies of the classic TV show Hart to Hart, and the movies Dressed to Kill and The Shining. The Mad versions of Shakespeare and the Guinness Book of World Records. Classic Lighter Side strips by Dave Berg, Spy vs. Spy, Marginals by Sergio Aragones, and Don Martin cartoons.

Mad Fold-In; Undressed To Kill (James Bond parody); One Morning on a Street Corner; T-Shirts Through the Ages; Mad’s Career-Oriented Mother Goose; How to Read a New Car Ad; The Mad Stop Watch; Your Mad Horoscope; Har To Har (Hart to Hart parody); One Afternoon in the Far East; Mad Careers for the Slow and Lazy; Publically Prohibited Bad Habits of the Future; The Lighter Side of Fire; If The Guinness Book of World Records Dealt With Everyday Life; One Night in the Miami Bus Terminal; Extraordinary People; Mixed-Up Junk Mail Mailing Lists; How Many Mistakes Can You Find in This Picture?; How Can You Possibly Believe…; More Sub-Divisions for Public Places; The Lighter Side of Fads; A Mad Look at Discrimination; William Shakespeare…Social Critic; The Mad Sale of Expendable American Properties, Landmarks and Monuments; Bonus Balonus; The Shiner (The Shining parody); Late One Night in a Bank; Dog Plays Dead at Dinner Table.

8.5-in. x 11-in., 100 pages, B&W. Cover price $2.75.


Small tear on right side of cover. Minor wear to coverr. Pin-ups removed. More pictures may be in description (which it is suggested you read!)