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Lady Death 10th Anniversary Edition (2004) #1PAINTED

Published Nov 2004 by Avatar
Romano “Painted” by issue number on cover
Brian Pulido (W)
Steven Hughes (A)
Full color, 36 pages

Avatar continues the re-launch of Lady Death here! The classic Bad Girl book that defined the genre is now a decade old, and Avatar celebrates it with a 10th anniversary edition! This special edition of the original Lady Death #1 features all the manic energy of Steven Hughes’ artwork and Brian Pulido’s script for the original launch for the character, with newly re-mastered scans of the artwork. Now you can own an affordable copy of one of the most-popular back-issues of the past ten years, with stunning new cover art.

In hell Lady Death’s name has become a myth and with no one ruler chaos reigns. Vulbogliagh has seized some of that power and is making a name for himself with an increasing army of minions. One particular general has captured Lady Death’s nameless wolves to give as a gift. A caped figure strides into the general’s palace and demands the release of the wolves. He orders his guards attack the stranger who reveals herself to be Lady Death.

Without uncrossing her arms or unsheathing it, Nightmare attacks with snakes of energy that cut down the general. The sword requests blood but she refuses it, then using her power she wipes out all of his guards and frees her wolves setting about reclaiming her status.

A team of demons drag a massive cube crate as a gift for Vulbogliagh that he might favor them and make them his elite guard. When a caped stranger appears and refuses to answer their leaders questions they attack. Lady Death brings down the cliff walls and flattens them. Again the sword requests an opportunity to let blood and she refuses, cursing her inability to rid herself of it. She opens the box and releases Vassago.

Pagan hears of Lady Death’s return and in none too happy as this will surely mean that she will come for him as the one who exiled her to the void.

In a cavern in the lowest parts of hell lies and ornate coffin. Inside is a creature that Lucifer himself interred. A stray drip of energy from her attack leaks down through the ground and hits the coffin, energizing it.

In Seance’s lair the alchemist has been working for months. He has calculated that Hell is shrinking and nothing can be done.

At Lady Death’s former mansion Vulbogliagh sits on her throne pleased at the desecration of her palace and how he took control when she left and returned hell to chaos and hedonism. Lady Death arrives and they trade words before she takes him by the throat. In control of the situation Nightmares starts to request blood again and this time she cannot resist. Removing Vulbogliagh head she tells his minions to leave and spread the word of her return.

Outside Cremator is tracking Lady Demon who is headed for the mansion while the creatures flee. He hears that Lady Death has returned and sees Demon head into the building. There is an almighty explosion from inside and he wonders of maybe the two have recombined and its true his mistress has returned. He enters and finds his mistress on her throne. She states she has returned to reconquer hell and asks him if he is still loyal.

Lady Death is a goddess appearing in American comic books published by Coffin Comics. Created by Brian Pulido, Lady Death first appeared in Evil Ernie #1 in December 1991.

Lady Death then reappeared in the Evil Ernie: The Resurrection miniseries published by Pulido under his now-defunct company Chaos! Comics in 1994. The character was also the subject of a full-length animated feature film released in July 2004 by ADV Films.

Incarnations of the character have been illustrated by such comic book artists as Steven Hughes, Mike Deodato, Jr., Romano Molenaar, Dheeraj Verma and Ivan Reis. Brian Pulido has optioned publishing licenses through various independent companies such as Avatar Press. As of 2016, Lady Death was published by Pulido’s Coffin Comics, LLC.

In addition, Lady Death has been depicted in artworks by a number of well-known fantasy artists such as Dorian Cleavenger, Gerald Brom, Boris Vallejo, Joe Jusko and Julie Bell.

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