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KBL: Kill Bin Laden: A Novel Based on True Events Hardcover by John Weisman (Author)

“Weisman is perhaps wired more tightly into the reclusive special operations community than any other writer, and his knowledge of weaponry and field techniques is staggering.” —Washington Times

“A pro who knows his stuff.” —Oliver North

John Weisman, whose expertise in the field of covert military operations is unsurpassed, delivers a stunning fictional account of the most extraordinary mission of the century: the hunting down and assassination of Osama Bin Laden, the most reviled killer of the twenty-first century, by US Navy SEALs. With KBL: Kill Bin Laden the critically acclaimed author of SOAR and Jack in the Box goes behind the headlines, carrying readers along on a breakneck, breathtakingly realistic chase—from planning to training to execution—as the evil mastermind behind the horror of 9/11 is finally brought to justice.

Hardcover: 320 pages

“We will probably never get the full, true account of how Osama bin Laden was found and killed in Pakistan. Mr. Weisman’s novelization of the mission is the next best thing.” (New York Times)

“Weisman’s research is excellent, and he clearly has expert sources. He’s adept at explaining the complex structure of the special operations units . . . As a former MI6 agent who’s used to reading inaccuracies in thrillers, I was delighted to note that every chapter here feels right.” (Washington Post)

In December 2010, American expatriate Charlie Becker is in Abbottabad, Pakistan begging for spare change. The veteran suffered crippling injuries in the Afghanistan campaign so most Pakistani does not give him a second look at they go about their business. However, they are wrong about Charlie. Based on vague degrees of connection, he is in Abbottabad undercover seeking any leads that Osama bin Laden resides in this town inside of a high walled villa. If he confirms the whereabouts, a specially trained SEAL top secret team will enter the villa to complete the mission of turning Bin Laden into a hamburger.

This is a fictionalized account of what may have happened that led to the assassination of Bin Laden. Fast-paced, the story line hooks readers who will believe that John Weisman provides a plausible account of what could have happened. Especially fascinating is the political fight in DC before, during and after the kill including the at sea burial debate and the claims of who takes credit for the successful KBL operation. With a nod to Liberty Valance (print the legend not the truth), Mr. Weisman writes a stirring thriller.

This book is an absolute must read not only for those people who live in the world of Special Operations, but for those who want to understand it. If you want to get a genuine feel for the sights, smells, sounds, verbiage, and truth about how we talk, act, think and “jock-up or kit out”, then this is the book to read. John Weisman has captured those nuances that are specific to SOF while maintaining the sanctity of that secret world. He was able to re-construct a possbile scenario of how the mission might have gone down all the while not crossing a line that could cause their operations to become ineffective. This book has details that only those who know will be able to identify, but are also so genuine, that anyone who reads this book will get a true feel and appreciation for that world in the way no other book I have ever read regarding these kinds of operations has ever been able to illuminate. From my perspective as a career Special Operations Soldier with over 30 years of real world combat experience, I believe anyone who reads this book will be completely convinced that John Weisman has payed an immense Honor to those in the SOF community – especially those on this jaunt – and has set the bar extremely high for future authors who want to take this subject on and try their best to get it right…as Weisman so eloquently has…

Question: You’ve said that the truth about Operation Neptune Spear can best be told in fiction. Why is that?

John Weisman: “Because the people who put Neptune Spear together and carried it out aren’t talking, and won’t be, for some time. And all the factual accounts so far have been colored by who sourced them. There’s a lot of political spin about Neptune Spear: the White House has its own version. So do the operators, and so does the CIA. There were so many contradictory accounts that after talking to sources both in the military, the intelligence community, and political operatives, I decided that the best way to go was fiction. The gist of what they all told me was that I’d get closer to the truth by doing fiction—and equally important, get a lot more help that way”.


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