Joe Chiodo’s The Mechanic NM DFE Alternate Cover Dynamic Forces Limited to 5000


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Mechanic (1998) #1DF

Published Oct 1998 by Image
Writing: Joe Chiodo and Jonathan Peterson
Art: Joe Chiodo
Letters: Amie Grenier
Cover: Joe Chiodo
Editor: John Layman
48 pages, full color

Dynamic Forces Exclusive Alternate cover with certificate of authenticity and limited to 5,000 copies. Cover price $5.95.

In the far future of our tiny planet human population balloons to a critical mass. In an attempt to stop all suffering and save society, a group of scientific geniuses begin mind expansion experiments. One of their own—Dr. Medula —is the first to benefit from the procedure. Blind in their success, the scientists fail to notice the stirrings of ambition, and before a single other human can be evolved, Dr. Medula sabotages the subsequent experiments, turning his colleagues into a quivering collective of bodiless brains. Now seemingly unhindered, the doctor carries out his plan to reshape the world by genetically molding the human race into subservient thralls. Who could possibly stop him? Would you believe: a prehistoric caveman, a voluptuous flower child, and a vicious velociraptor?

A 48 page fully painted graphic novel. Truly a labor of love , this creator owned project has characters from the distant and recent past. Transported into the future, where they are given extraordinary powers in order to combat the evil Dr. Medula.

Joe Chiodo is an American artist and colorist who has worked in the comics industry. He has been recognized for his work with a nomination for the Comics Buyer’s Guide Favorite Colorist Award in 1997 (with the company Wildstorm FX and colleague Jessica Ruffner), and in 1998 under his own name.

Chiodo has been recognized as an award-winning pin-up artist and illustrator. He combines cartoony techniques with those of classic pin-up artists, often working on a range of body types and pulp themes. He illustrated the children’s alphabet board book The Adventures of WonderBaby, and wrote a book, How To Draw And Paint Pin-Ups.

He has also had his works compiled in “Works of Art: Joe Chiodo” and “Sketches, Drawings, and Paintings by Joe Chiodo”, both of which were published by American publisher Hermes Press.

Near mint, 1st print. Bagged & Boarded.