Island of Doctor Moreau Pin-up FRAMED # 1 Barbara Carrera / Maria


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The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977) is the second English-language movie version of the H. G. Wells science fiction novel of the same name, a story of a scientist who attempts to convert animals into people. The film stars Burt Lancaster, Michael York, Nigel Davenport, Barbara Carrera, and Richard Basehart. Shipwreck survivor, Andrew Braddock, finds himself in the company of a scientist set on human/animal experiments. Crewman Andrew Braddock (York) survives the wreck of the sailing ship The Lady Vain. After several days at sea in a lifeboat, he reaches the shores of an island governed by the mysterious scientist “Dr. Moreau” (Lancaster). Besides Moreau, the inhabitants of the island include Moreau’s associate, Dr. Montgomery (Davenport); his misshapen servant, M’Ling (Cravat); and a ravishing young woman named Maria (Carrera). Though welcomed as an honored guest by Moreau, Braddock finds his contact with the natives increasingly disturbing, for they are not like any men he has ever seen. Eventually, it becomes apparent that these “men” are, in fact, the hybrid products of Moreau’s experiments upon various species of wild animals. Braddock finds himself threatened by both the “manimals” and the sinister Moreau. Barbara Carrera as Maria, The Great John L. aka William H. Clark as Boarman, Fumio Demura as Hyena Man, Gary Baxley as Lionman and Bob Ozman as Bullman.

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