Iron Man Poster #82 Model 1 Gold Armor Ken Steacy


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The Golden Armor (Iron Man Armor Model 01 Version III), was the second version of the first Iron Man Armor model, after Tony Stark refined the former armor back at Stark Industries. Modified from the original version, this armor features a full golden appearance and some slightly new designs.

It is a variant of the Original Grey Armor, developed by Tony Stark.

Tony Stark, upon realizing that civilians found the Original Grey Armor ominous, painted it, thus creating the Golden Armor. He eventually added improvements, including lighter weight, boot jets, jet skates, and a chest-searchlight.

The gold color was suggested by a woman Tony was dating, Marion to make Iron Man resemble a “knight in shining armor”.

Ken Steacy (born January 8, 1955) is a Canadian comics artist and writer best known for his work on the NOW Comics comic book series of Astro Boy and of the Comico comic series of Jonny Quest, as well as his graphic novel collaborations with Harlan Ellison (Night and the Enemy, 1987) and Dean Motter (The Sacred and the Profane, 1987). Steacy was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets 386 Comox Squadron.

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