Iron Man Poster #81 vs Doctor Doom Ken Steacy


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The coolest thing about Iron Man and Doctor Doom’s decades long rivalry is that Doom eventually BECOMES Iron Man! Doom is often considered Reed Richards’ greatest rival but he actually has a lot more in common with Tony Stark. I mean, they’re both normal humans (though admittedly geniuses) whose powers derive from a suit of armor. More recently Doom has added magic to his repertoire but for the most part, they’ve been two sides of the same coin.

After Hickmans Secret Wars, Stark was killed and Doom did his best walking a path of redemption by taking up the Iron Man mantle.

Doctor Doom is set to make his MCU debut (rumor has it- extremely soon, in Black Panther Wakanda Forever!!!) which for me at least, is going to make me lament the fact we’ll never see him go toe to toe with Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man!

Ken Steacy (born January 8, 1955) is a Canadian comics artist and writer best known for his work on the NOW Comics comic book series of Astro Boy and of the Comico comic series of Jonny Quest, as well as his graphic novel collaborations with Harlan Ellison (Night and the Enemy, 1987) and Dean Motter (The Sacred and the Profane, 1987). Steacy was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets 386 Comox Squadron.

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