Iron Man Poster #41 Outer Space by Brandon Peterson


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The Space Armor, Model IX, Mark I is one of Iron Man’s specialty armors. While his standard suits are space-worthy, the Space Armor is designed for extended time outside of the atmosphere, up to two days in orbit (food and catheterization capable). The life support, boot jets, and attitude maneuvering are powered by an onboard supply of liquid oxygen. The boot jets are Model III nuclear thrusters with sufficient power to produce escape velocity. The Space Armor features a pentode chestbeam, an attempt at an ideal space and atmospheric proton beam. The pentode shape allows for a more accurate pulsing of laser beams when used on Earth. Other features include: vario-beam spotlight; an auto-camera mounted in the helmet; and Stark’s usual high-tech sensors. Unfortunately the suit has two drawbacks. Despite the fact that it posses enormous power, the Space Armor is bulky and awkward in normal gravity much like the Hydro Armor. In addition, the suit was designed with a special cybernetic command software that is overly sensitive. The special feature on this suit: Exo Units on the gauntlets. Long-range grapples, they can be shot outward and reeled in. Even when jettisoned, the hands are fully articulated, capable of retrieving objects or destroying them. Armaments: repulsors; epaulet-mounted concussion-burst cannons; and a deflector beam.

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