Iron Man Poster #26 vs Hulkbuster Armor by Adi Granov


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As tough as Iron Man’s armored hide is, the Hulk is but a temper tantrum away from ripping Stark in half. That’s why Tony designed the Hulkbuster Armor. This behemoth was designed to fit over a normal suit of armor and greatly enhance Iron Man’s already considerable abilities. Theoretically, the Hulkbuster Armor grants Stark more than enough strength to defeat the Jade Giant. We say “theoretically” because it’s never been quite proven. The Hulkbuster’s first test went well enough, but Stark has rarely used it since. In the storyline World War Hulk, Hulk returned to Earth stronger than ever and screaming for Stark’s blood. The Hulkbuster Armor made its triumphant return, but that didn’t stop Hulk from smashing it into scrap.

Near mint condition.