Inferno Hellbound Poster Marc Silversti 24×36″ Top Cow


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Back in 4000 B.C., there brewed an epic battle of biblical proportions. Humanity tried to contain the hordes of Hell by locking the gate that spanned the dimensions of the netherworld and Earth itself. But, despite their best efforts, the mystic key still survived. Now, due to the inadvertent explorations of unwitting archaeologists, this portal is reopened with devastating international consequences. Now, the U.S. Armed Forces demand that a new generation of brave souls shut this artifact by sacrificing their very lives, and John Francis Dante may just be the man for the job. Dante is a decorated Navy SEAL who now sits on death row. If you’re destined for the land down under, you might as well take some demons with you. Creating a partner to Top Cow’s series Universe, Marc Silvestri and David Wohl succeed in giving fans what they want: an eschatology that immediately invokes mayhem, monsters, and a military mission. Silvestri’s trademark pencils brighten a scenario that hybridizes The Mummy and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Must this 21st century Dante abandon hope before he sets out on this adventure? The story is primed to deliver fireworks.

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