Industry of War Act One TP Jordan Raskin 1st print NM Image Comics


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Industry of War #1 Comics
by Jordan Raskin (Author)

Written by Andrew Lelling, Jordan Raskin.
Illustrated by Jordan Raskin.

Two undercover military agents are charged with the responsibility of hunting down missing malfunctioning experimental weaponry created for the foot soldier, which mistakenly gets into the hands of the general public. All hell breaks loose when the agents discover that not only has the latest weapon on their list been found by a recently paroled ex-gang member, it was programmed with an assassination mission before being shelved for its malfunctioning design. The agents must stop him from completing his mission; unravel the details of the assassination plot – all while uncovering the conspiracy behind a Gulf War cover up. Writer/Illustrator Jordan Raskin marks his return to comics with this intense sci-fi political action thriller.

Publisher: Image
Pages: 72.

Near mint, 1st print.