Incredible Hulk Visionaries Peter David Volume 3 TP 1st print Jeff Purves


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HULK VISIONARIES: PETER DAVID VOL. 3 GN – (Peter David & Steve Englehart/Jeff Purves, Alex Saviuk & Keith Pollard) The gray Hulk’s life as a Las Vegas legbreaker is broken into by a circle of cyborgs, with Spider-Man in the middle. Collects Incredible Hulk #349-354, Web of Spider-Man #44 and Fantastic Four #320. Cover by Jeff Purves. 192 p. *In my opinion this is where David’s Hulk run really kicked into gear. Grab this volume while you can- from here on is a must read right to the end of the run! With each Hulk Visionaries TPB, Peter David’s writing gets richer and richer while the Hulk mythos gets more and more engaging. David continues to add levels of depth to the Mr. Fixit storyline while providing tons of action in the form of appearances by Spider-Man, the Thing, and Dr. Doom. The thing Peter David does really well with the cunning, mean-spirited gray Hulk aka Mr. Fixit is portray him as a nearly irredeemable figure yet we pull for him at the end. He’s rattlesnake mean and often malicious. But, David finds a way to redeem him nontheless. One issue that definitely illustrates this point is the one where the relatively weaker and smaller gray Hulk — in the guise of Mr. Fixit — goes up against the now-stronger and bigger Ben Grimm aka the Thing. The rivalry between the Hulk and the Thing is very well known. However, Peter David really turns things upside down when he makes the Thing the Hulk’s superior in strength and fighting. It’s a much needed humility for the Hulk and the fans appreciate and enjoy it as the Thing takes out his 20+ year frustrations of losing to the Hulk out. However, Peter David finds a way to redeem the Hulk in that fight in a unique way that still holds true to all the previous fights that are legend. Enjoy what will hopefully only lead to many more Visionary TPBs that collect all of Peter David’s legendary Hulk run.

Collects Incredible Hulk 349-354, Web of Spider-Man 44 and Fantastic Four 320. Near mint, 1st print