Hulk Poster #22 Havok Polaris Dale Keown Avengers X-Factor


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During one of his Pantheon missions he fights alongside a rebel force in a Trans-Sabal against both S.H.I.E.L.D. issue Mandroids and the new government super team, X-Factor. The country was being ruled by Farnoq Dahn, a dictator who had promised the US government energy assistance if they helped him keep his place as unchallenged ruler. He was exposed as a psycho when he tries to win the war by tying a mother and child to two separate missiles, threatening to launch them if the Pantheon didn’t stop. He is stopped by Hulk and X-Factor. The tyrant is forced to face his people for the crimes he committed but most of them still saw him as a god and bowed at his feet, he was then shot and killed by a traumatized Rick Jones who had taken a Mandroid suit.

Near mint condition.