Hulk # 9 NM vs The Thing Jerry Ordway Ron Garney


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Incredible Hulk (1999 2nd Series) #9
Published Dec 1999 by Marvel.

cover by ron garney tbd/RON GARNEY * THE SCOOP: Penciler Ron Garney cuts loose for that classic grudge match: The Thing vs. The Hulk! * THE STORY: Framed by Tyrannus for the deaths of hundreds of innocents, the jade giant has become the most hated–and hunted–figure in the Marvel Universe! First it was the Avengers; then it was Wolverine–now Bruce Banner ?s attempts to clear his name lead him to a confrontation with the Thing! And to top it all off, this issue sets the stage for the status-quo-shaking HULK #12! * THE CREATORS: It’s the classic confrontation that Ron Garney’s always wanted to draw! If you thought he drew Hulk big before… just wait until you see this!

Near mint condition. 1st print.