Hero Illustrated 22 The Mask Cover David Lapham Charles Burns Neil Gaiman


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Hero Illustrated #22
Published Apr 1995 by Warrior Publications

Brief interviews with Steven Grant, David Lapham and Rick Parker; Q & A with Charles Burns; Mike Richardson and Duane Capizzi discuss The Mask; Karen Berger, Jamie Delano, Neil Gaiman, Peter Milligan, John Ney Rieber and Steven T. Seagle discuss Vertigo comics; Neil Gaiman and John Ney Rieber discuss Tekno Comix; article on Comico; ‘From Pencils To Inks’ column by Mark A. Nelson; The Duck Files: 10-page look at Donald Duck comics, including a Duck price guide; ‘Finally’ commentary by James Robinson; The Mask cover by Doug Mahnke

Near mint condition.