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Hawaiian Dick (2002) #1
Published Dec 2002 by Image.

(W) B. Clay Moore
(A) Steven Griffin
(Cover) Steven Griffin

1953, Hawaii. WWII vet Byrd is thrown off his stateside police force after an “incident” with a suspect. Having nowhere else to go, Byrd turns to his Army buddy, Mo Kalama, a detective in Hawaii. He now spends his days drinking tropical concoctions and his nights helping Mo with cases that fall just beyond the jurisdiction of the police. And in Byrd’s Hawaii, the supernatural manifestations of the islands’ myths and legends lie just around every corner. This Issue: When Byrd is pulled away from a lazy afternoon of jazz and cocktails to track down a stolen ’49 Buick Roadmaster, the case seems simple enough. Yet he’s soon immersed in a dark paradise of swank tiki lounges, exotic bar girls, murdered beauties, high speed chases along the scenic Hawaiian coast, and the mysterious Night Marchers of the Pali Highway. Now Byrd and Mo must untangle this tropical web of tiki terror without becoming ensnared themselves. are two one-shots: A Fresh Coat of Red Paint and Chasing Demons.

Hawaiian Dick is in the works at NBC, as reported Tuesday by The Hollywood Reporter. Johnny Knoxville, who has long been attached to adaptation attempts of B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin’s Image Comics series, is developing the show with NBC as an executive producer.

THR describes the potential show as a “one-hour comedic action series that will mix procedural, humor and supernatural elements.” “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” screenwriters Paul Lovett & David Elliot are on board to write the pilot script, and as executive producers. Universal Television is set to produce the series.

Knoxville has been attached to “Hawaiian Dick” since 2004, when the “Jackass” star was originally slated to star in a feature film adaptation of the comic book series for New Line Cinema. There’s no indication if he’ll be involved in front of the camera for the TV adaptation.

The first “Hawaiian Dick” comic book miniseries debuted in 2002, telling the story of a big city detective named Byrd who is exiled to Hawaii. Two later series followed, in 2004 and 2007.

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