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The Guyver (released in Europe as Mutronics) is a 1991 American science fiction film loosely based on the Japanese manga series of the same name. The film tells of a young man, Sean Barker, who discovers an alien artifact called The Unit which changes Barker into a alien-hybrid super soldier called The Guyver. Barker learns that a major corporation called Kronos is after The Guyver Unit and soon discovers that the people behind Kronos are not human after all. A sequel was followed in 1994 called Guyver: Dark Hero. CIA agent Max Reed (Mark Hamill) witnesses Dr. Tetsu Segawa—a researcher for the mysterious Kronos Corporation—being murdered. Dr. Segawa had stolen an alien device known as “the Guyver” from Kronos. College student Sean Barker, whose girlfriend’s father was Dr. Segawa, finds the Guyver’s hiding spot while watching the forensic team investigating the crime scene. Through further events, the Guyver fuses with Sean and causes him to be covered in a suit of bio-armor. The president of Kronos, Fulton Balcus (David Gale), wants the Guyver back and sends his mutant henchmen, the Zoanoids, led by Lisker (Michael Berryman), to steal it back.

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