Gremlins Poster # 3 Movie Brain Gremlin Mr Glasses


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One gremlin drank some brain hormones and began super intelligent…his name is Brain. The Brain Gremlin (or just simply Brain) is the main antangonist in Gremlins 2 The New Batch. He is one of the gremlins that invaded the Clamp Center building. He is a brown mutated gremlin who wears glasses and later on more formal clothing. He has a well-spoken human voice which he got after consuming a beaker full of mutagenetic brain hormone serum in the Clamp Center laboratory and his intelligence was greatly increased as a result as well. Afterwards, he dressed more like that of a human, wearing very business-like clothing and even gaining spectacles that had appeared from no known location or source. Although he is a villain, for a gremlin, he is well articulated and cultured, though his mischievous nature still prevails. He does not appear to be as destructive as the other gremlins and appears to be somewhat fascinated by the humans’ culture and way of life. The Brain Gremlin was voiced by the late actor Tony Randall.

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