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Take one part Ramones, one part Buzzcocks, and one part Husker Du, and you’ve got the basic foundation of Green Day, a punky, witty, melodic San Francisco Bay area trio who became overnight stars in 1994 when this album, their third overall release and major label debut, catapulted them to the top of the pop charts. Led by guitarist/vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong and their secret weapon, powerhouse drummer Tre Cool, Green Day put ’70s and ’80s punk in a compact ’90s package with songs like “Longview,” “Basket Case,” “Pulling Teeth,” and the hit semi-ballad, “When I Come Around.” One the few modern alternative rock bands with a bona fide sense of humor. I remember the day I bought this album. I was thirteen years of age, and the year was 1994. It was the fifth CD I’d “ever” bought, and it totally spun my musical tastes into high gear, driving me to discover a world that I had never been exposed to. This was the first album I’ve ever bought that I felt I could identify with on a personal level. This album was the cure for boredom in the lifeless suburb I grew up in. My buddies and I would just sit around listening to this album for hours on end. “Dookie” was a case of accidental success, much like Nirvana’s “Nevermind”. The latter could be thanked for Green Day’s success in many ways. Green Day hit at the right time, with the right sound. Reviving punk rock isn’t the easiest task, but Green Day made it seem like child’s play. At their core, the California based punk rock trio were masters at reviving the fast and catchy three-chord punk tunes that everyone’s grown to love. Even though Green Day would never out sell “Dookie,” their influence has reached the masses. These guys opened the door for a revival of punk metal, third wave ska and pop-punk. I’d venture to say that Green Day is the most influential band to come along in the mid nineties, second only to Nirvana. Undoubtedly, everyone remembers “Longview,” “Basket Case,” and “When I Come Around”. Those songs and videos were played around the clock on the radio and MTV, earning them diamond status. “Longview” was their first single off of the record, and a huge hit, thanks to it’s raw bass line, heavy guitar, audacious attitudes, and catchy melodies. I feel sorry for the kids that have to put up with today’s pop music. I feel pretty privileged growing up in the boom of grunge. It’s not as great as the 60s or 70s, but a hell of a lot better than the pop music the new millennium has brought us. “Basket Case” was most definitely their most popular song of all time, maybe forever. It saturated the airwaves far more than it’s predecessor, reaching a much larger audience. The same could be said about “When I Come Around”, they simply kept topping themselves with bigger hits. Aside from the hits, there was also some great album tracks, such as the lovely “She” and “Pulling Teeth,” and “Welcome To Paradise” (a re-recording of the same song off of their “Kerplunk” album) which also received airplay. This album was a defining moment in which I learned to appreciate a “full album” as opposed to single tracks. Ever since then I’ve been on the quest for the perfect album.