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Give Me Liberty (1990) #1
Published Jun 1990 by Dark Horse.

Written by Frank Miller. Art and cover by Dave Gibbons. The Twenty-first Century: in the squalid corridors of a maximum security Housing Project she takes on a gangland Enforcer; on the war-torn streets of Chicago she fights the murderous Health Police; but the real trouble starts when Martha Washington turns Fifteen… FC.

America had slipped into the abyss. With each election year the skies grew more polluted, crime grew worse, and political unrest began to give way to a police state. Sooner than anyone would dream, the country would be controlled by the unholy marriage of corporate interests and executive abuse. Liberty, as we know it, became a sad joke.

Then someone blew up the White House, killing the President and almost all his cabinet. Improbably, a drunken Secretary of Agriculture became the new President. Needless to say, things didn’t improve much.

Give Me Liberty centers around a young black girl named Martha Washington. Born in housing projects that had become a restricted death zone, she had no real chance in life. But from the projects to the war in the rain forests of South America, Washington was ever the survivor. And in that survival lies an incredible story.


Some sticker residue on front cover…should come off easily. 1st printing.