Ghost Rider Poster #14 vs Mister Hyde Battle by Javier Saltares


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Both Dan Ketch and Calvin Zabo have monsters living inside them, but it’s there that the similarities die. Whereas Dan is desperate to get rid of the Ghost Rider, Zabo instead embraces his monstrous side and relishes the power Hyde gives him to kill and destroy. This comparison between the two is brought home nicely during the transformation scenes, with Dan and Zabo undergoing their changes simultaneously in different parts of the garage. At that point, both men are begging for the change to overtake them, though for completely different motivations. Mr. Hyde is an interesting villain whose brutality had been explored in books like Avengers and the Hulk. The process that transforms Dr. Calvin Zabo into his Mr. Hyde persona is a hormonal transformation caused by ingestion of chemical formula. As his body adjusted to its new form, Mr. Hyde’s strength, stamina, durability, and resistance to physical injury all increase to superhuman levels. Hyde’s powers are sufficient to stand toe to toe with the likes of Thor and survive. He has been shown tearing apart steel in a bank vault with ease. Through further experimental procedures over the years, his strength has been increased beyond its original limits. Mr. Hyde must ingest his special chemical formula periodically to maintain his ability to transform himself from one identity to the other at will; mental fatigue or injury can impair his ability to transform himself into Mr. Hyde. He employs a device that resembles a wristwatch that contains a supply of the formula that he can use to deliver it directly into his bloodstream, enabling him to transform at the push of a button.

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