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Generation X (1994) #50

Published Apr 1999 by Marvel
Cover pencils by Terry Dodson, inks by Rachel Dodson
Script by Jay Faerber
Pencils by Terry Dodson
Inks by Rachel Dodson
36 pgs, full color

War of the Mutants (part 1)
Divided We Fall, ; The Gen X kids are freaking out as their new headmistress, Adrienne Frost, has opened the school up to normal human kids for the new semester; They head into Boston to do some shopping but are picked off and captured in pairs by super powered agents of Dark Beast; X-Man shows up at the school trying to find out why Emma invaded his mind and what exactly she knows about his old nemesis, Dark Beast. Continued in X-Man (Marvel, 1995 series) #50.

Featured Characters:
Generation X
Emma Frost
Adrienne Frost
Gene Nation
Dark Beast
Fever Pitch (First appearance)
Membrain (First appearance)
LeGault (First appearance) (Unnamed)

It’s the new school term at the Massachusetts academy with a new head mistress and even newer human students, how will gen x deal with this new turn of events?

At the same time Dark Beast and gene nation has targeted them for abduction, what more can a teen take?

In February 1996, the Fox Network aired a made-for-television Generation X movie, produced by Marvel Entertainment. The film featured Banshee and Emma Frost as the headmasters of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and M, Skin, Mondo, Jubilee and two new characters, Buff and Refrax, as students (Chamber and Husk were not written in because the budget didn’t allow for the special effects their powers required). The team battled a mad scientist who used a machine to develop psychic powers. Plans to develop a syndicated series that would air on the same night as popular sci-fi thriller The X-Files were abandoned.

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