Game Informer 255 NM Magazine Far Cry 4 Wraparound Cvr Arkham Knight Mario Kart 8


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Address is printed on back cover. Six page article on pro gamers, four page article on alternate takes on video game stories and whether they hold any water, four page article celebrating the art of video games, two page article on Xbox finally removing Kinect from the Xbox One package, two page article on replacing the hard drive in your PS4, Halo 5 Guardians article, Manveer Heir interview, twelve page Far Cry 4 article, six page Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes article, four page No Man’s Sky article, two page Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor preview, two page Sunset Overdrive preview, two page Sims 4 preview, two page Evolve preview, Batman Arkham Knight preview, Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham preview, Hellraid preview, H1Z1 preview, DriveClub preview, Battlefield Hardline preview, Warhammer 40K Eternal Crusade preview, Battlecry preview, Tales From The Borderlands preview, Dance Central Spotlight preview, Transistor review, Watch Dogs review, Wolfenstein The New Order review, Bound By Flame review, Super Time Force review, Amazing Spider-Man 2 review, Drakengard 3 review, Tropico 5 review, Mario Kart 8 review, two page article on the unearthing of the E.T. cartridges in the New Mexico landfill!

Near mint condition.